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Easly set any window on top, just move the mouse to the top area of the window. a small button will show up - click on it and you will see the 'SET TOP' option. In addition you also have 'SET OPACITY', and SET CLICK THROUGH WINDOW -- Very useful in combination! Also, you have 'SET DARK' - click this button to make the window darker. it will eliminate all the bright white from the window. Use it if you can't white light.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleThis program allow you to easly: Set window to be always on top Set window opacity Set window 'click through' mode Set the window to be dark by inverting it's colors Everything is done through a small toolbar that open at the top of the window. Why this can be museful ? * Set window to be dark - Sometimes you may want to stop see this bright light that comming from your screen while you reading or writing something. You may want to see in dark mode, as I doing just now while writing these lines.You can eliminate all the bright white color by one click on the 'SET DARK' button and the good news is that it works on every win32 program. You don't need this to modern app anyway because they come with their own solution (In windows 10 -> 'Choose default app mode' -> 'Dark' ) You can set any Win32 GUI program to be dark. * Set Window Opacity - Very useful when you want to see a lot of things on the same screen. * Useful for people who need more space for their needs. By set window opacity you can see two things in the same pixels in your screen .. * Set Window Top - While you working on something, sometimes you need to look at another window. here is the problem - If you have one small screen then when you click on the editing software (for example Word, Photoshop, Excel) you lose the window you need to look at while doing your work. This feature designed to address exactly this problem. Set the window to be on TOP so you will not lose the window you need to look while you working on your project * Set window click through - It even gets better now! You can do as I said, set the window on TOP. BUT you still lose something - you have less working area on you editing software.. You may need from time to time to move the window that you set on top. Not while you use this feature + Set Window Opacity feature. If you turn on the Opacity + TOP + Click Through, then now you also not loosing beneficial screen-working-area on the editing software

Download and use it now: WindowTop

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